Fly with Nextjet

Nextjet offers flights between Lycksele and Stockholm/Arlanda. Book your ticket here or contact Enter Lapland.

Sweden's airline company

Currently Nextjet have 14 aircrafts that operate within the route network, also on behalf of other operators. With 20 destinations Nextjet is a comfortable travel company, taking you to all parts of Sweden. With Stockholm Arlanda as main junktion, you can reach the whole world with Nextjet.

Fokker 100 Lycksele Flygplats foto:Gold of Lapland/Thea holmqvist

Reach the world from northern Sweden with Nextjet.

The passenger's rights

Here you can read about your rights concerning a delayed or a cancelled flight. Nextjet follows the european rule EU 261/2004 current compensation in connection with delayed and canceled flights. You will find more complete information in their General conditions. Sections 12 and 18 deal with compensation for delayed/canceled flights.

Fill in the above form when dealing with late luggage, damage to luggage, canceled departures, delays or other situations where you have the right to compensation/refund under EU-EU261 and Nextjet’s regulations.