Do you need assistance?

If you have a disability, impairment or require assistance during your travel, please inform Lycksele passenger service or Amapola Callcenter in advance. Airport staff will assist you through security checks and out to the aircraft, where you will be taken care of by flight attendants.

Wheelchair or walker

Wheelchairs or walkers are of course checked in at no additional cost and are not included in the maximum baggage weight. The maximum wheelchair dimensions are 80 x 50 x 70 cm and the maximum weight 50 kg. Special rules apply for electric wheelchairs. Please contact Amapola Callcenter directly to enable them to determine if your device is suitable for carrying on board or not.

If you have other questions about disability or special needs, do not hesitate to contact Lycksele passenger service or Amapola Callcenter.

Passenger service

Amapola Callcenter