Land in the middle of the adventure

Magnificent nature, midnight sun and northern lights - they are perhaps what characterize Lapland best. In our nature there are plenty of experiences to be gained. As one of Europe's last wildernesses, Lapland supplies both adventure and freedom. Find your trip with Gold of Lapland.

An outstanding outdoor experience

Sparkling dog sled tours and powerful mountain walks. Deep forests and wild waters. These may sound like clichés, but you can find all those in Lapland. “Allemansrätten” (freedom to roam) entitles anyone the right to walk freely in the forest as long as consideration is given to animals and nature. This law is one of its kind in the world and invaluable. Read more

Discover the underground church in Kristineberg. Fatbike-bicycling on Svansele Wilderness Center and the oasis Källan Hotel & Spa.

Natural northern lights

The magic glow that lights up the winter night is a spectacle well worth seeing. The electromagnetic light comes from solar storms that can change between green, white and red. A simple description could be that light dances in the sky. Natural yet completely supernatural! Read more


Experience the northern lights in Lapland.

Photo: Lars-Olof Hultebrand

The midnight sun

24 hours of daylight? Yes it's true. During the summer, the days become longer and longer until the sun barely sinks down below the horizon before it rises again. In Sweden, Midsummer's Eve is celebrating the year's longest day. Experiencing the midnight sun is a magical experience. Read more


The sun never sets in summer.

Photo header: Thea Holmqvist/Granö Beckasin