At the airport


Check-in takes place at the counter at least 30 minutes before flight departure. It is also there that you leave the bag you want to check in. To get a smooth departure, make it easier by coming on time to check in. The gate closes 15 min before departure.

For a smooth travel – come to the check-in in good time before your flight!

Security check

All passengers must undergo a safety check, as stated in the requirements of the Transport Agency's regulations. The security check is to find items that are prohibited to bring to the so-called restricted areas and on board the aircraft.

This is how it works

  1. To pass the security check, you must be able to display a valid boarding pass. This boarding pass is provided to you at check-in.
  2. Then you put your hand luggage, outerwear and other loose items that contain metal such as keys, cell phone, wallet, belt, etc. on the conveyor belt that goes through an X-ray machine. If you have a laptop or similar in your baggage, you must pick it out of the bag and place it in a basket on the band.
  3. You can then pass through a metal detector arc that responds to different types of metal objects. If you trigger an alarm, security controllers must determine what triggered it and can therefore use a handheld metal detector or perform a manual check on you.

Liquids in hand luggage

Liquid containers should be placed in a translucent 1 liter reclosable plastic bag provided by the airport. Each individual container may hold no more than 100 milliliters. You may bring so many packs that fit into the plastic bag and you must be able to close the bag (max 1 plastic bag per boarding card).

Pick the bag with liquids from your hand luggage and place it in a basket on the conveyor belt.

What can I take with me on board?

Any questions about specific items or other considerations about luggage? Read more here on the Transport authority website.

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