Transportation & Parking

Directions to the airport

Welcome to Lycksele Airport!
Our hub is located approximately 5 km away from Lycksele center, in the province Lapland. From here you reach the wild Lapland, the northern lights on a sparkling winter night or the midnight sun over the mountains. Here you land in the middle of the adventure!

Find the airport here


Here you are welcome to park your car for free while you are away. The area is not fenced but camera monitored. During the winter months we also offer an engine heater, free of charge of course.

Free Engine Heater

This is how it works:

  1. Park the car next to a engine heater pole and plug the plug into the electrical outlet. The engine heater will then start and will last for a few minutes, to ensure that everything is working properly.
  2. Let us know while checking in, which place you have parked your car in and when you will return.
  3. We will enter the data and the engine heater will start well in advance so the car will be warm when you return. Fabulous, isn't it?



Free parking and engine heater. Come home to a warm car.


Flygtaxi is an assistance that gives you more than just taxi service. You can choose to go by yourself or with other travelers. The flights are monitored and you are picked up in due time. Book your ride directly via Boreal or at Lycksele Airport is located approximately 5 km from central Lycksele.

Boreal +46 (0)10-147 64 94


Passenger services

Rental car

From Lycksele Airport you can rent a car with Hertz.


Telefon: +46 (0)950 347 07
Hertz website